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Pollenize is created by a group of friends across canada who are passionate about educating and creating enjoyable, functional experiences. Continue reading to learn more about our crew...

Pictured (from left to right): Miguel, Ben, Matheson, Trevor, Marvin, and Joe

Trevor Blades

Trevor is a web developer based in Burnaby, BC who web-develops everything from word games to productivity tools. He enjoys skateboarding and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Miguel Barbosa

Miguel is an award-winning film director, editor and producer. He creates music videos, documentaries, and commercials.

Joseph Homsy

Joe is a multimedia producer at Voyager 3 who lives in Tofino, BC. Sometimes he hangs ten and builds cribbage boards.

Marvin Sanchez

As a designer at Prodigy, Marvin is currently on a mission to help kids around the world love math. Marvin is better than you at video games and can play any Blink-182 song on his trusty air guitar.

Matheson Murray

Matheson is a top ten finisher in the 2005 Halton Region Cross Country meet and a producer working in advertising.

Ben Miller

Ben is the founder of WIRTH Hats, a brand that breaks down barriers around mental health. Outside of WIRTH, Ben leads leadership and team development workshops in a variety of countries and companies.

Sean Tanner

Sean is a graphic designer and illustrator who likes to spend as much time as possible relaxing, traveling, and taking photos.

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