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2021 Canadian Federal Election

We break down the candidates and their policies in a clear, organized way so that you can make an informed vote.

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Informing voters

Pollenize is a nonpartisan, apolitical non-profit organization seeking to provide voters with the most accurate election information possible. We aim to make a positive impact on voter turnout and help spark political discussion in communities around the world.

People talk about how important it is to vote, but the information necessary to make a confident decision is often sparse, unclear, and riddled with political rhetoric and jargon. Pollenize cuts through the noise and brings you the most clear, to-the-point information about topics that really matter.

We're creating a buzz 🐝

You'd be forgiven if you can't remember where each [candidate] stands on the big issues. Pollenize is a site that is trying to make it easier for voters.

Matt Galloway, CBC

Sifting through a pool of political information on the internet can be overwhelming. But now, there's an app for that.

Leena Latafat, Global News

The Pollenize app has presented the candidates' platforms in a readable, friendly, and visually appealing format.

Patricia D'Cunha, CityNews Toronto

For a brighter political future

Pollenize is a registered non-profit. We're an all-volunteer team on a mission to make elections easier to understand and encourage people to participate in democracy.

With the help of our partner CIVIX, we've brought engaging, approachable civic education tools to thousands of classrooms across Canada, with many more to come.

Please consider donating to either of our organizations if you want to support our work!

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