Conservative Party

Andrew Scheer

About Andrew

40 years old

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Andrew Scheer was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He moved to Regina to finish university and then worked in insurance before getting into politics. Andrew had an early start in Canadian politics when he was elected to the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle at age 25 back in 2004. He became Speaker of the House of Commons at age 32 and in 2016 he became leader of the Conservative Party. He loves spending time with his wife and 5 children and is an avid hunter.


A Conservative government would cancel the carbon tax.[1]

If elected, a Conservative government would introduce the Universal Tax Cut, reducing the tax rate for the lowest income bracket (under $47,630 annually) from 15% to 13.75%.[1]



A Conservative government would focus on green technology, not taxes. It would require major emitters to invest in green technology and introduce incentives for green innovation. It would also work to make our natural environment cleaner and greener and take the climate change fight global.[2]

A Conservative government would create a two-year green home tax credit of 20% to reduce costs for homeowners undertaking energy saving renovations valued between $1,000 and $20,000.[1]



If elected, a Conservative government will create a single corridor for major construction projects to run through, with the aim of minimizing environmental impacts and assessment costs.[1]

A Conservative government would get Canadian energy to international markets by repealing Bill C-69 and creating a reliable environmental assessment.[1]



If elected, a Conservative government will maintain the minimum 3% annual increase for the Canada Health Transfer. It would also invest $1.5 billion in MRI and CT machines to cut wait times for important diagnostic imaging.[1]



If elected, a Conservative government will lower the price of drugs and improve access to those who cannot afford it. It will not introduce a multibillion-dollar plan that will require higher taxes and an end to private insurance plans.[5]


International Relations

If elected, a Conservative government will always stand up for Canada’s interests on the world stage. A Conservative government would repair relationships with key allies and reinvigorate the alliances with our democratic allies.[1]

A Conservative government would re-open the Office of Religious Freedom to advocate for religious liberty abroad.[1]


Education and Training

A Conservative government will boost the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to help with savings for postsecondary education by increasing the government’s contribution from 20 percent to 30 percent for every dollar invested, up to $2,500 per year.[1]

Under a Conservative government, universities will have to foster a culture of free speech to receive federal funding.[1]



A Conservative government would work immediately to restore the fairness, order and compassion of our immigration system. If elected, a Conservative government will end illegal border crossings into Canada and close loopholes in the Safe-Third Country Agreement to make a fairer immigration system.[1]

A Conservative government would emphasize economic immigration and improve recognition of foreign credentials to enable new Canadians to use their skills.[1]



If elected, a Conservative government will focus on increasing the affordable housing supply by reducing regulations in provinces and municipalities that discourage new home construction. To achieve this, a Conservative government would introduce the Build More Homes Competition that would reward municipalities that have proven to reduce regulations that stand in the way of new home construction.[7][1]

To make buying a home more affordable, a Conservative government would rework the mortgage stress test so that more Canadians can obtain better rates. A mortgage stress test is a financial test that homebuyers must pass in order to qualify for a mortgage. A Conservative government would also extend the period home buyers have to pay their mortgage in order to lower monthly mortgage payments.[1]



If elected, a Conservative government would introduce a Green Public Transit Tax Credit, which will give Canadians a 15% rebate on their bus passes and other public transit costs.[1]

An elected Conservative government would also work to develop emissions-reducing technology for vehicles to close the gap between conventional and zero-emission vehicles.[4]



A Conservative government plans to reinstate the children’s fitness and arts tax credit which will give parents a tax break of $150 for enrolling kids in sports classes and $75 for arts or learning programs.[1]

If elected, a Conservative government will ensure that the current Child Benefit, Employment Insurance for new parents, and other parental benefits are provided to parents tax-free.[1]


Indigenous Issues

If elected, a Conservative government will ensure that infrastructure projects involve Indigenous consultations in the forefront of the planning process.[1]

A Conservative government would appoint a Minister for Consulting Indigenous Rights Holders to make sure Indigenous voices are heard by Cabinet ministers.[1]



If elected, a Conservative government will crack down on gangs by ending automatic bail for gang members and creating tougher sentences for gang activity.[1]

A Conservative government would re-establish the National Action Plan on Human Trafficking which was cut by the Liberals and impose a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years for sexually abusing children.[1]