New Democratic Party

Jagmeet Singh

About Jagmeet

40 years old

Hometown: Scarborough, Ontario


An NDP government will bring back a national minimum wage set at $15 which will increase wages of over 900,000 Canadian workers. In addition, all unpaid internships outside of school programs will be banned.



The NDP would declare a climate emergency seek to make Canada a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to under 1.5 degrees celsius by investing in energy efficient green technologies. Canadian companies that produce green technologies would be supported by an NDP government as they seek to make all federal vehicles electric by 2025.


Energy Policy

An elected NDP government will uphold the current carbon pricing strategy to reduce carbon emissions including offering rebates to households while holding large polluters accountable for greenhouse gas emissions.



An NDP government will fight privatization and user fees of the Canadian healthcare system, including the sale of blood products. Abortions will be made accessible everywhere in Canada and reduce wait times while improving access to primary care.



If elected, an NDP government will invest $10 billion every year alongside provincial governments by 2020 to fund prescription drugs for all Canadians.


International Relations

If elected, an NDP government will commit 0.7% of Canada’s Gross National Income to international aid.


Education and Training

If elected, an NDP government will work with provinces to cap and reduce tuition fees at post-secondary institutions and eventually work towards integrating it into part of the public education system. This will allow all Canadians to go from kindergarten to graduation without worrying about costs.



To reunite families, an elected NDP government will end the cap to sponsor parents and grandparents to come to Canada and reduce backlogs to speed up the process.



An NDP government will invest $5 billion in the first 18 months of their term to provide affordable housing with plans to build 500,000 units over 10 years.



If elected, and NDP government will expand public transit across Canadian communities. Federal transit funds will be directed towards electrifying s busses by 2030.



An NDP government will implement a national public universal child care program.


Indigenous Self-Determination

An NDP government will seek to reconcile the relationship between the Crown and Indigenous groups across Canada. A National Council for Reconciliation will be established that will work with Indigenous groups and establish relationships based on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action released in June 2015.



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