Informing voters

Pollenize is your guide to the 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

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About us

We're a non-partisan, apolitical organization seeking to provide voters with the most accurate election information possible. We aim to make a positive impact on voter turnout and help spark political discussion in communities around the world.

Pollenize breaks down popular elections and provides voters with an organized, unbiased overview of each candidate's platform.

Cut through the noise

People like to talk about how important it is to vote, but the information necessary to make a confident decision is often sparse, unclear, and riddled with political rhetoric and jargon.

We cut through the noise and bring you the most clear, to-the-point information about topics that really matter.

  • Public safety Public safety
  • Education Education
  • Revenue and finance Revenue and finance
  • Community and economic development Community and economic development
  • Ethics and transparency Ethics and transparency

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