Green Party

Elizabeth May

About Elizabeth

65 years old

Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Elizabeth May was born in Connecticut and moved with her family to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia in 1973. She is an environmentalist, writer, activist, and lawyer. Elizabeth became the founding Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada in 1989 and was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2005 for her environmental leadership. In 2006, she was elected the leader of the Green Party of Canada. Elizabeth's family operated a restaurant and gift shop out of a restored land-locked fishing schooner in Margaree Harbour on Cape Breton Island.


If elected, a Green government will establish a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour.[1]



The Greens would establish an inner Cabinet, similar to the Second World War "War Cabinets" that would bring together members across party lines to tackle climate change.[10]


Energy Policy

If elected, a Green government will put a price on carbon through a "fee and dividend" system while ensuring it is revenue neutral (fees collected from industry will be redistributed to Canadians) and end all subsidies to fossil fuel companies.[10]



A Green government would eliminate two-tier healthcare in Canada (where all citizens have basic care but can pay for additional, faster, or better quality care).[1]



If elected, a Green government will create a crown corporation to introduce Pharmacare. The corporation would purchase prescription drugs in bulk and provide them free of charge to those who need it. A Green government would create a national drug reduction strategy and regulate the distribution of pharmaceuticals to prevent over-medication.[8]


International Relations

A Green government would build and strengthen relations with the US and promote mutual cooperation on bilateral trade, tourism, and humanitarian efforts.[1]


Education and Training

If elected, a Green government will work towards abolishing tuition and eliminating student debt over $10,000. A Green government would also increase federal student grants by 25% and extend grants available for Masters and PhD students.[6][1]



If elected, a Green government will end the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and increase immigration where there are worker shortages.[1]



If elected, a Green government will invest in energy efficient co-operative housing to support co-ops and encourage more affordable housing units.[1]



If elected, a Green government will create a smart National Transportation Strategy.[1]



If elected, a Green government will restore and revamp the 2005 agreement between the federal and provincial governments to achieve universal childcare, and encourage workplaces to create childcare spaces by providing direct tax credits of $1,500 per child per year.[1]


Indigenous Self-Determination

If elected, a Green government will abolish the federal Indian Act, allow Indigenous peoples to govern themselves, and work towards a National Healing Strategy to right previous wrongs.[9]



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